Behind starburst eyes

Steps to repair my incisional hernia:

on January 27, 2016

Step 1 : Actually GO to Shouldice Hospital for assessment and book a surgery date. DONE!

Step 2: Take what they say seriously and learn how to implement the keto diet they want me to use to lose the *gulp* 51 pounds they say I need to lose prior to my surgery date. STARTED!

Step 3: Design a workout routine based on the doctor’s recommendations to compliment the keto diet for optimal health and weight loss. UP NEXT!

I am of course absolutely terrified of having the surgery, but I know that I will be able to do this. In part because I have an awesome family and great friends. Not only are they supportive, but they’re very intelligent and well-versed in many areas. Plus I’m not shy to ask they share their knowledge with me and so they send me epic links to sites filled with yummy keto recipes, and awesome work-out ideas.

Funny part of the exam:
“Um, your blood pressure is REALLY high, is that normal for you?”
I glance at the reading: 174/119
“Nope, but I’m freaking out on the inside about the idea of surgery”
I’m instructed to focus on something within the room and take some deep breathes. We re-do my blood pressure, it drops drastically. The nurse sighs with relief and writes the second reading down lol.




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